A R T I S T     S T A T E M E N T :  S T U C K

My most recent series, Stuck, is a pretty clear departure from my previous work and that is one of the 
reasons I'm enjoying it so much. It allows for new (technology) freedoms and comes with a new set of (physical) restrictions. A worthy new photography challenge landed perfectly in my lap. Nearly literally.

For years I have been experiencing a problem with my hip that was only recently discovered to be a birth defect. The problem causes me to suddenly and, without warning, lock in to place, with no ability to move below the waist for as much as a minute at a time, numerous times a day. And while a minute "Stuck" probably doesn't seem like much, people who have walked across intersections with me might disagree.  It was out of shear frustration and a need for positivity during a month's long wait for surgery to correct the issue that led to the creation of the Stuck series.  When my odd manner of walking and sudden stopping started to require more and more explanation,  I started to wonder if I was missing out on documenting some of the places I get Stuck. With 50 days left until surgery, I decided to see what I could create in moments and surroundings that were not my choice. While my DSLR is an extension of who I am, my phone is the only object I carry with me at all times when Stuck happens, forcing this photographer to examine ways to elevate iphotography, a format I previously would not have given much merit to. With that, I give you

S T U C K : a forced, fixed-perspective, iPhotography adventure.

Stuck will continue through late November. UnStuck (and other new work) begins early 2015.